The Girls

The Girls


Tottie and Dot are two little girls who live side by side. They enjoy sharing marshmallow tea and apricot sandwiches, and life is very peaceful, until one day the girls begin competing with each other to create the best house. As the story unfolds, jealousy takes hold and their competitive spirit gets increasingly out of control until ultimately, things collapse in a disastrous heap. Will Tottie and Dot realise the importance of their friendship before it’s too late?

pink bird

Each girl’s house is shown over a series of exquisitely illustrated double-page spreads — Tottie on the left and Dot on the right. The detailed illustrations perfectly complement this fun, vibrant storyline about keeping up with the Joneses, the importance of friendship, and being true to oneself.

Children will be able to spend hours poring over the detail on each page. For example, two little birds appear on every spread—can you find them? Perfect for kids aged 4 – 7.


Tottie and Dot is published by:


Exisle Publishing



under the EK Books imprint

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